Work Outside the Box

By empowering you to work outside the box of buildings, expectations, and routines, Sacred Time allows you to reimagine what is possible.  Based on a portfolio of career service offerings focused on professional growth and career satisfaction, you can craft a strategy that includes career coaching, job search support, and resume writing to create a career that will change your world.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s find out!

Are You Ready for Coaching?

You can tell something is happening, but what should you do about it? Read the descriptions below and pick the path that most resembles where you are in your career journey. You are ready for coaching with Sacred Time if you are…

Leveling Up

You are working out the kinks of plans you have already implemented, and are still actively trying to keep up with the changes you have been making in your life.

You are successful in separating yourself from the parts of your past that were holding you back. Times have been difficult, but you are now more knowledgeable than you ever have been. You have developed a skill, and are looking to take on more leadership and mentoring roles.

At this point you are both beginning something new and returning to something familiar.

Ready for Career Change

You are facing your fears by looking ahead at what you can accomplish rather than looking behind at what has held you back. You are feeling antsy with anticipation and may even have an idea or a plan to make it all work.

Adjusting Career Focus

You are busy working through the changes in your life. There is either one project taking over everything, or everything seems to need your attention all at once.

This could also be a season where much rest is required and you have little motivation or inspiration to do anything else. This means a change is going to come so now is the time to prepare.

Preparing For Career Transformation

You are in the middle of deciding what’s important. As you look around you can’t help but see how others are in your way or holding you back.

You’ve made a lot of changes, tried a few things, but something is missing. You are not sure what it is but you know there has to be something more…

What Brought You Here?

If you did not see yourself in the other sections, I invite you into a conversation just to talk about what brought you to this site.

I do find that talking things out can be a catalyst for change so this might be just the spark you need to take the first step toward the vision you already hold dear.

Now you stand alone at the gates of Sacred Time...
This is an auspicious and
powerful moment...
Past, present, and
future become Now...
and...all directions
become one in Now.

~ Steven Foster & Meredith Little, Founders of
Rites of Passage Inc.

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