Ready for the Next Level of Impact?

Of course you are. This is why you are here.  How are you going to get there? With a little help from your friends. Read on…

Make a Way Where There is No Way

You have had roles created to harness your high-level of productivity or your ability to see many steps ahead of everyone else.     You are purpose-driven, impact-minded, yet for each new level you have not been satisfied. Through this inspired gathering you will break free from what was, to build what can be.

You Are Not Alone.

This program is inspired by aha moments of tech professionals so you are in the right place for possibilities if you are:

  • Seeing opportunities differently and you are looking to make sense of it all.

  • Experiencing a paradigm shift in the way you want to work or do business.

  • Looking to build the next level of impact which can include disrupting yourself to reimagine the status quo.

Expand the Possibilities.

Honoring this turning point, you will tap into the Hive Mind to co-create a Way Maker Mastermind that will include:

  • Cross-pollinating ideas with other purpose-driven professionals and impact-minded visionaries.

  • Building your own Board or Committee of trusted advisors to create mentorship for this next level of growth.

  • Crafting brand messaging for social media bios, resumes, and project proposals to align your past with your future.

  • Continued goal setting and accountability with individual coaching and group conversations.

Why This Matters.

You are craving someone to understand what you’ve been through and where you’re going to catch your blindspots, create a sense of belonging, and raise your game.

Through the Way Maker Mastermind you will set an intention and walk through an inspired, co-created program that will provide you with authentic ways to show up, be in community, and create change.

"Once you step out in the direction you believe is right for you, pursue it with all your mind, heart, and soul and do the work you’ve always imagined."

Tiffany A. Dedeaux, Certified Career Coach

My Coach Approach.

To help increase your effectiveness with a sustainable action plan, I leverage my expertise and intuition to:

  • Connect the dots between behavior patterns and insights to facilitate a paradigm shift.

  • Engage in thought partnership by challenging limiting beliefs and asking key questions to fill in information gaps.

  • Provide resources and tools as a cross-pollinator of ideas to help you identify milestones and visualize success.

  • Co-create a safe place to talk and process career trauma, clearing debris from the road ahead.

The Way Forward.

Here is a way to picture how this four-month program will unfold. You will begin with:

  • Goal Setting identify ways to measure success for your work in this program and as you.   move up the leadership ranks.

  • Board Building to create ways to both share and protect your ideas as they take shape.     This can be your Board, Tribe, Squad, or Discernment Committee.    

  • Brand Messaging which aligns what you say with what you actually want to be doing next.

  • Career Planning outline the themes that will guide your decision making so that what you choose to do will align with where you are going.        

The key to navigating change is to own it.

Step into Your Future

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